Audi E-Tron Electric Car

Audi E-Tron

Audi E-Tron Electric Car
Audi E-Tron Electric Car


Nearly 40 years ago one word change the motoring landscape forever, Quattro and it's about to happen again howdy's first 100% electric car this is an Audi e-tron. Of everything a little easier and this.


So what do we see when  we take a look at the first all-electric Audi these four Horizontal strikes and that's picked up here in this unique light signature and here on these alloy wheels as well the four straight going down moving alongside the driver's door you can see quite clearly some radical wing mirror design for the first time in a production car you've got the rear facing camera as your rear view mirror and down here below the bumper no exhaust pipes well of course not in this because each ron is 100% emission free.

More than 400 km range in the WLTP driving cycle, Innovative recuperation system up to 300 NM and 220 KW power. In the 60 liter storage compartment at the front of the car you can carry whatever cables you might need on a longer journey for instance you can use the high-performance charging system now that'll put 150 kilowatts back in to the battery in around 30 minutes (E-tron charging service Europe- wide access to public charging infrastructure).

Roue planning app shows required charging points, The first thing you notice inside the E-tron is the quality everything is absolutely first-class a wrist rest of course just to make selection of everything a little easier and this also is the shift, Because this is fully electronic all you need is one little lever to change gears and that means no gear selector and no transmission tunnel so in here room to charge all your devices really is a wonderful environment to find yourself in.

Sporty base character thanks to low and central battery position sophisticated aerodynamics, Of course the advantage of an electric transmission is noise or rather the lack of it and a Diaz enhanced the silence in here with extra insulation for the cockpit and for the body to separate it from the road noise as a result you'll cocooned in near total silence, Unless you turn the stereo on the 3d effects of its bang&Olufsen premium system with 16 speakers and Aamir 705 watts of power that's gonna your socks off. Out E-tron on is not science fiction it's science fact the future has to be the present just more advanced and it is as far as i'm concerned e-tron on is the start of a brand new era for howdy. 

E-tron Features

There are several methods of charging the high voltage battery in the Audi e-tron  highly recommends using high voltage charging stations or a dedicated wall box the Audi e-tron compact charging system may be  used with a stranded outlet when these options are not available. The compact charging system consists of the control unit to be attached vehicle cable with a charging connector o power cable with a standard plug for household sockets and a separate power cable for use with industrial sockets on the control unit connect the separate power cable for the available socket house hold or industrial and close the lock plug the power cable into a dedicated outlet.

The icons on the control unit may glow or flash green yellow or red depending on condition conditions please see the owner's manual for information on the status indicated by various combinations the control unit automatically recognizes the voltage and available current strength the charging power level can be set to full or half power by pressing the power button for 3 seconds half power charging is not available with 110 volt power before connecting cable to the vehicle the Audi e-tron must be in park the parking brake set and the ignition off the compact charging system can them be connected to the charging port on the Audi E-tron.

The charging process will begin once the cable is attached to the vehicle unless a timer has been set the light to the left of the port will glow. White when the vehicle is communicating with  the charging station when indicator light is passing green the vehicle is being charged. An indicator will also pulse on the instrument cluster there is also an indicator for the estimated remaining charging time until the charging process is completed. Once charging is complete the indicator light in the control unit will be solid green. While charging the connector is locked and cannot be removed unless the vehicle is unlocked and the charge port button is pressed the connector must be removed within 30 seconds or automatically re lock the Audi E-tron  compact charging system is convenient alternative to dedicated charging stations.

Route planner

charging stations can be discovered on an intended route prior to departure to begin press navigation on the upper MMI display press search to enter a destination address, Select the address when it appears in the list of results then press start if the destination is beyond the current charge capacity the Audi E-tron route planner will ask to include charging stations along the route press OK to accept a new route will appear including any needed charging stations along the way as well as an estimated charge level upon arrival and the distance between each stop press accept to the new route during the trip press the check the checkered flag icon on the right of the screen for route details to turn the Audi E-tron route planner off select  navigation settings and then toggle the Audi e-tron route planner off the Audi e-tron route planner provides peace of mind knowing there are charging stops along the way.      

Amazon Alexa connection

The amazon alexa connection can be played using the MMI touch screen and the voice recognition system in your Audi no home Alexa devices are necessary it resides within your vehicle to  use Alexa the vehicle must have a primary user assigned and be logged into an active my Audi account in the vehicle registration of the primary user must be completed by an authorized OD dealer to use Alexa
features with the vehicle in park select user my Audi login then enter the Username and password for a registered my Audi account agree to length of my Audi account to the Amazon Alexa  account then agree to the Alexa voice services.

Disclaimer a qr code and a unique password will appear if the web address is entered in to a device manually enter this password as well or use a compatible smartphone to read the qr code a link to the Amazon login site will appear on the smartphone select it. Enter the amazon username and password then login the smartphone will display an Audi alexa integration access request select allow the MMI touch screen will verify the Alexa connection once activated use Alexa features by briefly pressing the voice recognition button after the say Alexa and the desired request. Alexa will remain active until the my Audi account is logged out or Alexa connection is disconnected. The amazon alexa connection provides convenient access to information and entertainment.

Climate control Preconditioning

When the high voltage battery is sufficiently charged the available climate control preconditioning feature on the Audi E-tron allows heating and cooling to occur when the ignition is off. To activate from the lower MMI display select the 3D icon select the thermometer icon in the upper MMI display to begin using the climate control preconditioning immediately press the immediate start a red bar illuminates and the remaining preconditioning time is displayed the system will automatically default to the last set temperature but this can be manually adjusted using the temperature control.

To schedule preconditioning for a future departure time press a timer arrow to separate timers can be set. The date a maximum of 6 days ahead then select next, Now set the departure time and select ok activate the timer with the toggle button information about activate timers will appear in the upper display once the ignition is turned off prior to the set departure time the system can turn on and bring the cabin to the preset temperature preconditioning will continue to run 10 minutes after the departure time and then turn off unless the ignition is turned on. 


Charging the Audi E-tron requires awareness of how to properly  connect to charging stations and battery management techniques all charging types will connect to the charging port on the driver's side front fender under the E-tron logo. To open the charging port door the E-tron must be in park be turned off with a packing brake engaged with the door's unlocked press the button to the right of the E-tron logo to open the charging port  then plug in the charging cable.

If charging is not being delayed with a timer the charging process will begin immediately the light to the left of the port will glow white when the vehicle is communicating with the charging station and pulse green when it is charging an indicator will also pulsed in the instrument cluster there is also an indicator for the remaining charging time until the charging process is completed. When the vehicle charge is unplug the charging cable from the vehicle ensure the doors are unlocked and then press the button next to charging port to unlock the cable from the charging unit if not disconnected in 30 seconds it will re-lock the E-tron can be charged at public charging stations using AC or DC current stations or the Audi portable compact charging station with household or industrial AC sockets howdy recommends using the Audi E-tron compact charging system with 110 volt house hold sockets only in special circumstances when it is not possible to charge with a higher current charger. To help preserve the life expectancy of the Audi E-tron battery howdy recommends charging to 80% capacity for normal commutes and only charging to 100% for longer journeys to limit the charge capacity on the MMI  upper display press vehicle charging and efficiency and charging the current charge level and the charge target are displayed  to change the target press the charge level indicator then press right or left to adjust cannot be set below 50% intelligent charging strategies will result in improved battery performance

Regenerative Braking

Regenerative braking converts the energy of deceleration in to usable energy to charge the battery using the resistance of the electric motor. There are two different regeneration modes automatic and manual these modes are selected  in the upper mm I touch display from the home screen vehicle then charging an  efficiency and efficiency assist then select automatic or manual in manual mode one of three levels of regenerative braking effect can be selected using the paddles on the steering wheel the default level is coasting no regeneration braking will occur unless the brake pedal is applied pull the paddle once for the first level of braking effect and regeneration and again for the second level of braking effect and a higher level of regeneration pull the plus paddle to reduce the braking effect level in either of these two regeneration levels, The vehicle will decelerate and the battery will regeneration will begin. When the accelerator pedal is released the power meter needle will go in to the charge zone showing power is flowing to the battery. The charge tone will expand as the battery charge decreases full regeneration capability will apply, When the battery has less than 75% charge in automatic mode the system uses the front distance sensors and map data to help choose the appropriate braking effect based on vehicles ahead the steering wheel paddles can also be used in automatic mode to change the regeneration levels temporarily the system reverts to coasting the next time the accelerator is lifted in all cases regenerative braking resistance will only slow the vehicle to a certain level. If greater deceleration or a complete stop is required  the brakes will apply with increased pressure on the brakes pedal Trons regenerative takes advantage of energy that would noramlly be lost in convectional braking.

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