How to Fix Windows Blue Screen Error

The "Blue screen error" are comes by improper function of both software(Drivers) and hardware. The "blue screen error solution" are given below, The solution are given step by step. The "blue screen error" comes with the following errors.
  1. Old BIOS version.
  2. Miss match driver update.
  3. Creating infinity loop on driver.
  4. Without updating driver usage.
  5. Hardware internal parts damage.
  6. Operating double video driver.

Fix & solution

  • Thread stuck error in device driver


Open your recovery settings then choose Troubleshoot option.


After choosing the troubleshoot option then select advance option.


The advance option provides so many option but we want start-up settings.


Start-up settings shows the various options includes restart button. Click the restart button.


In the start-up setting has nine options but select option number 4 to enable safe mode. To press number 4 or F4 on your keyboard because the mouse is not work in here.


Now your desktop open with safe mode. To left click your windows icon, Then select the device manager.


The device manager is opened and to select display adaptors, Check your graphics derives name.


After checking the graphics driver name you find any unwanted driver like given below  the blue screen error is conformed.


After conforming the error you can Disable the Unwanted Graphics driver. Don't delete it, Only disable it. May be you delete the unwanted driver this error will not be solved, Because it automatically installed on your computer without your permission.


To choose disable option it show the conformation popup, To select yes your driver is successfully disabled.


After disable the driver then restart your system, Now your system is automatically change safe mode to normal mode.
the blue screen error is 100% solved.


  • Don't enable your driver.

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