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"Introduction to Animate CC", formerly known as flash. I'm going to take you through the basics, What tools there are how to use them. What the setup is a ll the way through to making our own first little animation that utilizes all the stuff that we're going to learn.  Animate cc was formerly known as flash. It belongs to Adobe, However, Before that, It belonged to Macromedia.

just a bit of history for you. I've been using it since it was Macromedia flash, So I've been through lots of changes. It is a vector-based 2D animation software. What that basically means is it's designed for animation frame by frame twining, All those sorts of things. And what "vector" means is there's two  ways that you can render things digitally on a computer, Classically.

There's raster-based, Which is what things like Photoshop use, Where things are rendered in physical pixels, Meaning if you scale or squish or skew them, It loses quality if you were to accept those changes. What "vector' means is the shapes and things that you see on the screen are based on mathematical equations, And when you changes the shape, It simply changes the equation. For example, Radius and circumference of a circle coupled with the color would from one equation. If you change that color then that equation would change slightly.

If you change the scale of that circle, the radius and circumference would change. But what it means is' it isn't fixed, Meaning when you change those, the mathematical equation changes, Not physically hard-coded pixels are changing which results in loss in quality. and that doesn't happen in vector. Things like Illustrator.

They're a vector based program, As well. So there are three types OS frame that you work with in Animate CC. And when we talk about frames, We're talking about the timeline up here. Essentially, Much like premiere pro and after effects and programs like that' You have a timeline, Where your animation will take place. And if you used after effects before, You'll understand there are things called "key frames" and what this means is a point time where a property of an object is going to change.

And for that, You would use a key frame, which looks like this dark filled in circle here. Each  of these little rectangles represents a frame and, As you can see, these ones are empty at the moment and these have objects on them. Now, If you want to repeat what happened on a previous key frame, It's just called a "frame" which looks blank like this, and what that means is if i just throw in a few frames here, For example with the F5 key, You can see that if i move between the frames.

Features of Adobe Animate:

  • Animate is formerly known as flash, It belongs to adobe.
  • The software is belonged to Macromedia.
  • It is vector based 2D animation software.
  • When you change those the mathematical equations.
  • So there are three types os frame that you work with in Animate CC.
  • vector means is there's two ways that you can render  things digitally on a computer.
  • It is a vector based programs.

System Requirements of Adobe Animate:

Processor: Intel Or AMD.
Operating System: Windows 10 version 1803, 1809 and later. 
RAM: 4 , 16GB.
Hard disk: 4 GB of available hard disk space for installation.
Monitor resolution: 1024 X 900 display.
GPU: OpenGL version 3.3.

Technical Setup Details

  • Full Setup Name: Adobe Animate CC 2019 u3 Multilingual.iso
  • Version: CC 2019.
  • Available Languages: English.
  • License: Trailware, SAAS.
  • Setup Up Type: Offline Installer.
  • Latest Version Release Date: 2019.
  • Full File Size: 1.8 GB.
  • Compatibility: 64Bit.
  • Developers: Adobe.

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