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Software is created to reduce human error and also increase the efficiency of the work. The computer can't run without a set of programs, It's a part of everyone's life. Nobody can't work without software in this technical world. There are various types of software that are created to improve the engineering and IT fields of the country. It increases the data security and also increases the productivity and enhanced analysis, It can give conclusions quickly.

MS Office 2019 Overview

The new features office now supports SVG icons and includes about 500 of them, So you have plenty to pick from to use them go to the insert tab and click icons it'll load the menu of icons and then you you can select the ones, You want to insert into your document there are quite a few to choose from these icons can be scaled rotated and colored with no loss of quality so you can add some visual impact to your documents office also got a built in translator it's available on the review tab and just click translate you'll be given s aide bar where you can enter text or highlight text from from the document and translate it to a different language.

Excel got a number of new functions, Such as can cat and update the concatenate function that supports range references in addition to regular cell references. There's also the text join function that combines text from multiple ranges each separated by a delimiter. You specify such as a space it also got some improved conditional functions like, If s which tests conditions in the order specified and switch which evaluates expressions against a list of values a pretty useful operator carried over from programming languages Excel also got new graph types maybe the most interesting of which is a map chart to compare values across geographic regions for example here are the US state populations charted against a map of the US the other new type is funnel charts.

Which show values across stages in a process particularly usefull in sales pipelines to see how many customers are reaching each stage of the sales process. One big change with office 2019 is that it does require, Windows 10 a change that i'm sure will annoy diehard windows 7. One potentially really useful new feature is called morph in  power point which lets, You smoothly animate objects and build advanced transitions for your power point presentation. One big  change is that office 2019 is only available for computers running Windows 10, Or if you have mac on of the three most recent recent versions of mac OS.

Features of MS Office 2019

Given below are some important features of this software.
  • Regarding new features, office 2019 comes with several visual updates.
  • There's a new library of graphics called icons that, You can use and customize you like.
  • It also lets you insert interactive 3D models into your projects.
  • Finally, You can turn your drawings in to standard shapes with the ink to shape function.
  • In word, New learning tools can make text easier to read without making permanent changes to your document. 
  • For instance, You can change the text spacing, page color or even have word read the text aloud.
  • Once you're done, You can close the tab to return the document to its original state.
  • Excel has also gained a few upgrades, Such as its two new chart types; map, funnel
  • It's also more user friendly thanks to feature like precision selection, whuch lets you deselect individual cells after you've highlighted them.
  • One of power point's more interesting updates is the more function, Which lets you animate objects between slides in a short amount of time.
  • Also, If you like to save your presentations as video files, Power point can now export your presentation at 4k resolution.

System Requirements for MS Office 2019

Given below some of the system requirements required for this software. It is very important to run this software on your computer. Make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements before starting MS Office 2019.

Operating System
Windows 10, 8, 7Windows 10, 8, 7
ProcessorAMD, IntelAMD, Intel
Video Memory 1 GB2 GB
Disk Space6 GB10 GB
.NET Framework.NET 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.8.NET 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.8
Dedicated Graphics
 No NeedNeed
Display1024 x 7681080p
OpenGLOpenGL 3.2OpenGL 3.2

Technical Setup Details for MS Office 2019

Some important technical details of this software are listed below.

1Software Full NameMS Office 2019
3Available Languages102 Languages
4Setup TypeOffline Installer
5Latest Version Released On06-10-2018
6Compatibility Architecture64 Bit
7Suitable Operating System
8Full File Size5 GB
10SupportPublisher Support
11Virus Free99.99% Clean
12Has This Software Been TestedYes
13Post Last Updated On07-09-2020

Download Note

Users must read well the details above to get better user experience & download experience. You can use Internet Download Manager (IDM) software to download the software you want fast and without any Obstacles.

Some files may have a password, this system is set up for some protection. You will need a password to open it. So, use the password given below.

Password : 123

How to Install This Software

Before installing this software, you should mainly watch this installation guide video. Because the software will not work if you skip some steps while installing the software.

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