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 Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 2019


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Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 2019 Overview

The Panorama Stitching, Which we've had for a while will go ahead and stitch together a photos and when you do that you're gonna see a new fill edges check box over here it's right under boundary warp so, Edges actually goes in there and filthy edges you gotta love the way that. I'm explaining this so we've had boundary wore for a while which will warp the photo to go in there and make those edges. You know appear as if they weren't cut out the problem is it warping the photo in a way and the results are sometimes unpredictable all right fill edges uses Photoshop's, Content-aware technology we've actually had this feature in Photoshop for a while, So it's cool to see that content-aware technology making it's way over to light room and i'm hoping we see more of that in the future but it'll go in there and fix that now.

This was a super-easy photo to work with if, I cancel out of here, I'm gonna go i'm gonna go we'll test the boundaries and i already know the result which is why, I'm showing you this because i think it's important to also set your expectations, So here we've got a photo down at the bottom left doesn't look at bat the top right though it has to invent trees to fill this right you can't it's not grass or clouds or sky. So when we click on it, I think it does a really good job, I think for the most part you can't tell expect for one area, Where it's got a little bit of of a repeating pattern there so what i would say from here is number one may be backyard try boundary warp but if you  can't crop it out if you need this extra space all right and you can't crop it out then i would try boundary warp especially with trees can tend to warp trees.

So boundary warp doesn't work run with this example and you could open it up and Photoshop. Wen you're done you probably be a two or three minute clone job to get in three and fix the little repeating pattern on that tree. Under the file menu, When you go to export you will see you can now check multiple presets at the same time so if you got one for Facebook one for Instagram. One for your website one for clients whatever and you are tired of going back and forth and having to do an export for each one you now jukp in there and just check each preset click on export and Light room will go to town and start exporting versions for all of those presets that you checked.

Features of Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 2019

Given below are some important features of this software.
  • Texture Slider.
  • Better Dehaze.
  • Enhance Details. 
  • Intelligent Auto.
  • Customize develop Panel.
  • Hide presets and profiles.
  • Improved noise reduction. 
  • Merge to pano/HDR.
  • Flat Field correction.
  • Grid index numbers.
  • Color labels collections.
  • Improved tethering.
  • Book module improvements.
  • GPU performance improvements.

System Requirements for Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 2019

Given below some of the system requirements required for this software. It is very important to run this software on your computer. Make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements before starting Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 2019.

Operating System
Windows 10, 8, 7Windows 10, 8, 7
ProcessorAMD, IntelAMD, Intel
Video Memory 1 GB2 GB
Disk Space5 GB5 GB
.NET Framework.NET 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.8.NET 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.8
Dedicated Graphics
Display1024 x 7681080p
OpenGLOpenGL 3.2OpenGL 3.2
InternetNo Need No Need

Technical Setup Details for Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 2019

Some important technical details of this software are listed below.

1Software Full NameAdobe Lightroom Classic CC 2019
3Available Languages20 Languages
4Setup TypeOffline Installer
5Latest Version Released OnNovember 2018
6Compatibility Architecture64 Bit
7Suitable Operating System
8Full File Size2 GB
10SupportPublisher Support
11Virus Free100% Clean
12Has This Software Been TestedYes
13Post Last Updated On11-10-2020

Download Note

Users must read well the details above to get better user experience & download experience. You can use Internet Download Manager (IDM) software to download the software you want fast and without any Obstacles.

Some files may have a password, this system is set up for some protection. You will need a password to open it. So, use the password given below.

Password : 123

How to Install This Software

Before installing this software, you should mainly watch this installation guide video. Because the software will not work if you skip some steps while installing the software.

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