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Hello friends here we are see about the DOPsoft software let's get start. Start screen editor software program by clicking screen Editor, Short cut on the desk or from windows taskbar, Click start> programs>Delta industrial Automation>HMI>DOPsoft. When screen editor software program is activated for the first time, The first window to show up is as follows. There are only FIle, View, Tools Options and help on the tool bar.

Select HMI series select hmi type input project name input screen name and no, Click next and input link name select manufacture name of PLC using  rest of all setting should be kept default then click finish. New screen is ready to programming edit. This is the main menu bar and you can see the drawing tool bar, Element tool bar. I will select b078 for w 1 the element communication HMI. i'm entering the project name and i'm pressing next now i'm setting the communication protocol after that i press finish and now we are on the main screen i'm adjusting the background color a little bit and after that i'm placing a momentary button we will be doing a SOL starter for that i will be using a start button a stop button and a motor output i am conquering my start button now.

I will duplicate the button and use it again as the stop button. i'll be using a multi-state integrator now in order to set the status of the motor, Which b is a and now I am considering the multistage industry job. I'm going to recheck all the buttons once more and after that, We will start with addressing. I'm going to start addressing the button which we have placed in the screen i'm going to choose internal memory and i give the start button address as zero point zero now for the stop button the right address. I give as internal memory and it's going to be 0 in one. now for the motor the read address will be 1.0. Now i'll go to the option and the background macro, I'll be writing the foundation in the screen which cause W now i am writing the condition of the start button. It says if the start button is then reach on the motor that is one point zero after one condition I am giving the end if statement and then i am contacting the stop button zero point one that is a stop button, If the stop button is one the top of the motor off means the top one point zero. Then i fifnish by writing an tip and then the end statement after that i am going to save the macro, Which i just wrote with the name macro. After sailing let's run simulation we will be running the offline simulation now, When i press the start button the motor will be old and when i press stop the motor gets out it was dislike the DOL starter. Now the marker demonstration is completed.

System Requirements of DOPsoft:

  • Hard Disk: 2GB.
  • RAM: 400 MB and above.
  • Screen Resolution: 800x600 or higher.
  • Operating System: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10.

Features of DOPsoft:

  • The software DOPsoft is a program that integrates the components. 
  • And functions of conventional screen editors.
  • This is the program also delivers  greater convenience to use.
  • It response quicker and more flexible component planning.
  • The program used for plan multinational HMIS in a fast manner.  
  • This software includes 100 of series human interfaces include an Ethernet type, Standard type and basic type.
  • In addition is they are equipped with the HMI programming.

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