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When you select a face any attached PMI dimensions will be shown and you can make those a little more persistent just by choosing show PMI and the right-click context menu also, When placing dimensions you want to notice that the second element that you select is the element that moves by default kind of handy, So here I'm ll set up to make my edit to the width of that rib.

Because that was the second element that, I selected probably most useful, When you are dimensioning holes the hole is usually the thing, You want to move so by selecting that second that sets you up for the change that you're probably expecting, For example I'll go ahead and place another dimension here across the top and if i just drop that down and hit escape real quickly, So this is a brand new dimension i didn't really click more than one element, I just drop it down on a brand new dimension.

When you bring your select tool over it. you'll notice if you move your mouse to the center or to the left or to the right it will give it a hint, You know in a sense as to how you would like to edit that dimension.

So little bit of a speed tip if I know i want to edit this symmetrically i would make that edit in that way and then, When i click away the next time, When you come on to the dimension, You'll notice you won't have that option regardness of where i place my mouse it will kind of know the last time that dimension was edited that's how it was edited, So it's gonna give you more reliable edits in the future and this is persisted right inside the file right in the dimension, So even another user opens this up later it's going to behave the same way it's going to capture that design and but, You can certainly override that with the arrows in the future.

so that's another good little tip and let's say, We want to make a change to the size of this bottom flange i start to make my change and then i realized well i really want that rib to come along with it and, I could probably make that as a secondary edit but really, If you just select the all the geometry that you'd like to move all of the selected geometry will move together so selection is key in synchronous technologies.

So obviously here I'm not getting the results that i probably would want so, What would you do a lot of people would probably leave that they might draw another circle make a cut some sharp people might think well I'm gonna this hole and put it in later and you can actually do that because synchronous modelling doesn't have any history,.

You can actually sort and rearrange and drag and drop it really doesn't have any impact on the on the model as far as the sequence that it was made but what you can do is you can right-click and you can detach a piece of geometry and then, You can go ahead and make your edit like.

So and then notice the little check box next to that it's kind of showing me where that little fragment is you can just right-click and attach that back in just as if it was modeled in the other sequence, So that's how you change the order of your model geometry.

It's right on the command bar or sometimes the documentation will call this the quick bar. Enter right here in your quick bar, You'll see that there's a model priority option. So this essentially changes the solution to be in a little bit different order, So it's done you know in an order that preserves the existing geometry versus the edited geometry, So that is really the best solution and just want to keep an eye on your quick bar up here.

Features of Siemens Solid Edge:

  • There are some  tools new in specifically in the sheet metal environment designed for cost.
  • Where you can model a sheet metal part and kind of have a standard costing item.
  • This comes towards a particular feature like a bend or a punch cutout type situation or cut out feature.
  • It'll keep track of that there's new features called solid Edge requirements.
  • You can tag kind of a requirement tracking along with your solid Edge data.
  • The solid edge requirements is a place, Where you can add requirements right along side.

Technical Setup Details

  • Full Setup Name:Siemens Solid Edge.
  • Version: 
  • Available Languages: 
  • License: Proprietary.
  • Setup Up Type: Offline Installer.
  • Latest Version Release Date: 
  • Full File Size: 
  • Compatibility: 64Bit.
  • Developers: Solid Edge.

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