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Autodesk is uitlizing GIS functionality and what that pertains to is it allows you yo use, Azeri files GIS files etc okay in their native formats, So you'll be able to access SDF files all sorts of other types of files here. Then you're going to bo able to combine them with DMG files raster images things of that nature.

So what you'll be able to do  is create very complex and informative drawing files that, You'll be able to utilize in DMG format. In map 3D you'll notice it looks like lot like Autocad or if you are familiar with that it does look a lot like Autocad for those of you who are unfamiliar this is the interface for the software.

You will have a ribbon that is something that autodesk is has gone to since for 2010. So your riddon is up here and really one of the interesting functionalities of amp 3D is the fact hat it comes with, What's called the task plane and the task plane is over here on the left hand side, That's where i have it is actually a tool palette and it is dockable.

So i have it docked on the left hand side you can hide it so it's just like any other tool palette, You can float it you can dock it however you want to utilize it. It is going to be an integral portion of your map 3D functionality now you have four tabs related to your task plane you've got your display manager.

Your map explorer a map book and you've survey, So your display manager is going to be where you manage your features, Your database is your geospatial data files raster files etc. your map explorer is where you're going to be able to view the elements and these are files, Where you have connected as sources queries you've used and saved templates.

The templates for linking drawing objects things of that nature, Now map book is where you will divide, Your very large map in this case, if it's you have an entire country and you want to make it in to a smaller type situation, You'll be able to divide your large map into files.

And survey is where you will bring in and work with your survey point data each of these has a different little functionality a little different  view, But fairly straight forward there's not a lot of intricate tools for map 3D.

That map 3D is really not a workflow type software. With map 3D you're able to kind of pick and choose what functionality you want at different points in your project or putting together your data, So that was the hardest thing for actually comes to grip with and it might be kind of difficult for those of  you who maybe have Autocad.

Features of Autodesk AutoCAD Map 3D:

  • You can view, Edit and create drawing in autocad on any device.
  • By this software you can access any DMG file in autocad with that cloud option.
  • They insert blocks efficiently then previous version in the visual galleries.
  • You can measure  all nearby drawing measurements in quick time.
  • They introduce new theme for reduce eye strain.

Technical Setup Details

  • Full Setup Name: Autodesk AutoCAD Map.
  • Version: 
  • Available Languages: 
  • License: 
  • Setup Up Type: Offline Installer.
  • Latest Version Release Date: 
  • Full File Size: 1.8 Gb.
  • Compatibility: 64Bit.
  • Developers: Autodesk.

System Requirement For Autodesk Nastran

  • Operating System : Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10.
  • Processor : AMD Or Intel Clock Speed Above 2.0Ghz.
  • RAM : Minimum 4GB Recommented 16GB.
  • Graphics Card : Above 2GB.
  • Disk Space : 10GB.

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