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The first new feature we're going to look at for reverend 2020 is the ability to import PDF files. This has been a long time requested function and one that i' sure will make a lot people very happy, So this comes in as part of n image now so under the insert tab here on the import area,.

We've got a pdf option. You can selected on here we can go and browse to find out PDFs. If we select this one here, We can see if it's a multiple page one we can choose exactly, Which page we want to bring in alternatively if it's just a single page one such as this then it just gives us that one option obviously, We can choose a resolution.

When we open up a revit 2020 it looks like this, So it's well it's a completely different compared to the earlier version the 2019 but it' basically got a similar functionality the first thing you're going to notice is that you don't really have those options for the templates, So if you want to create in your project.

You go into your new and then here you choose the template you don't have those template shortcuts outlined over here. I'll have to look into it can you maybe add a tool can you customize this new open inteface now the previous models that, You have opened up over here are over the previous families are over here that's very similar to the earlier version of revit also the learn well.

They learn options it used to be here in the right side of the screen now, We don't really have that anymore, So you've got this drop-down menu over here and here you've got some like essential skills videos and also getting started videos also, You have this what's new option and it opens up your web browser and there you've got a complete like list of all of the new features, So if you want a more in depth in depth don't ahve number of features that are have been updated or brought to the new version of revit 2020.

You can check that out also what's completely different is the fact that you can go to the start menu anytime. You want so now, We're at the start menu but if we go here to this button and just click it.

Features of Autodesk Revit:     

  • You can insert a PDF into Revit from any source and snap to the PDF to model new elements.
  • The developers created more advanced wall geometry.
  • And also the ability to draw elliptical  walls and curtain walls.
  • In this software geometry can now be split into parts.
  • You can make cuts and adjustments to parts using Revit opening and cut tools.
  • They improve the copy and paste functionality for legends, It gives you efficiently copy and paste experience.

Technical Setup Details

  • Full Setup Name: Autodesk Revit 2020.
  • Version: 
  • Available Languages: multi-languages.
  • License: Prorietary.
  • Setup Up Type: Offline Installer.
  • Latest Version Release Date: 2020 
  • Full File Size: 
  • Compatibility: 64Bit.
  • Developers: Autodesk.

System Requirement For Autodesk Revit 2020

  • Operating System : Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10.
  • Processor : AMD Or Intel Clock Speed Above 2.0Ghz.
  • RAM : Minimum 4GB Recommented 16GB.
  • Graphics Card : Above 2GB.
  • Disk Space : 15GB.

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