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I want to focus on some topics that'll get everyone one started here and then X 12, So just a high-level agenda for today we're gonna look at the user interface fundamentals sketching modelling sheet metal assemblies drafting.

PMI and other just a quick note before, We dive in to it and X 12 and windows 10 and X 12 is only supported on windows 10 more specifically windows 10 pro and enterprise editions windows 7 and windows 8.1 standard support hs edited ad as, You probably know 8.1 was rarely deployed. So for the user interface fundamentals.

We want to look at the tabs that, We have for pen windows, This also allows us to do multiple display of parts window layout command called isolate a new window open a new window part file password 3d box selection, You know what a fit of view by double clicking visualization enhancements delete child feature enhancements in the feature section direction display.

It's basically a way for us to have different levels of access for a part file, May be encryption is a good way to put it the site access is controlled through custom defaults and the level of access that a user gets determines. If others can be only view the file maybe modify and save it or make copies of the file, So that's the part file password couple mention able items here the visualization enhancements multi-threading is there for smoother review interaction and how it responds with lightweight assemblies the smooth or smoother curved edges.

When inline faces and edges is off, So you're gonna see the shapes of your holes are going to be smoother by default now delete child features, So when you go in and you delete a parent feature you know what happens to the children they all delete they all go away so now there's a customer default and a preference that, You can have them delete you can have them stay or you can have the system ask you know what you want to do with those child or orphan features.

Then finally here the feature section direction display, You're probably used to seeing this little origin arrow, Whenever you're doing lofting and sweeping, When you're doing something with a section down a path for example that has been added for extrude variational sweep section surface offset curved offset curve and face and project curve it's nice whenever you're doing a replace feature for example if i were to replace this sketch that's highlighted on the screen with another sketch.

 Features of Siemens NX CAD:

  • The software based layout for multiple windows takes advantage  of the screen space offered by dual monitors, Making it fast.
  • They improve a major improvement in assembly performance.
  • They make it easier than ever to design lightweight structures with the lattice commannd in NX.
  • They bring a new integrated tool introduced  in NX 12, So you can animate any type of geometry.
  • This software has a 2d piping and instrumentation diagramming tool helps you to create functional. 

Technical Setup Details

  • Full Setup Name: Siemens NX CADsiemens nx
  • Version: 12.0.1.
  • Available Languages: multi-languages.
  • License: Prorietary.
  • Setup Up Type: Offline Installer.
  • Latest Version Release Date: June 2019
  • Full File Size: 6GB
  • Compatibility: 64Bit.
  • Developers: Siemens PLM software.
  • Windows.

System Requirement For Siemens NX CAD

  • Operating System : Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10.
  • Processor : AMD Or Intel Clock Speed Above 2.0Ghz.
  • RAM : Minimum 4GB Recommented 16GB.
  • Graphics Card : Above 2GB.
  • Disk Space : 15GB.

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